This article hails from the early days of web 2.0 when every blogger and journalist was using it like they used “jiggy with it”. It explains the big terms associated with web 2.0 for the laymen. I think this should be republished in some newspapers and magazines so that more people will begin to understand what the techies are blathering about. It is in the interest of all of us that everyone possible should be accessing and sharing their thoughts and ideas. I think it would help many people to know that they are not alone in their beliefs and interests. It also allows people to challenge themselves mentally, sometimes shedding light on a misconception bringing that person to a better understanding of themselves and their beliefs. Personally I can look back at the person I was in 2004-5 and see what has changed about me. How much better I see the world, how I shed some naiveté as I learned more about how the world worked, what to expect from people. I have had wonderful conversations with people from all walks of life discussing politics, philosophy, music. Definitely my music collection has grown in the past few years as the ability to recommend videos and music is as easy as clicking a button and sharing a link on facebook, email, or some random forum. Another thing I really enjoy about web 2.o applications and services is the humor that abounds. Creative people using old media or creating new stuff that alludes to something else to poke fun, or make a point, even better is that its so easy to follow the bread crumbs to the original and then discover some gem of history.