Pod/Vod casting has much potential and personally I think the best ones are howto videos. With people showing off skills or walking through how to do a project so that others may copy their project. What piques my interest lately is iTunesU that Apple has set up partnerships with Universities around the world where classes are recorded and anyone with an online connection can learn from the best professors in the worlds best universities. The most recent one I watched was a Stanford University class on designing for the iPhone. The class website was accessible to anyone who wanted to download the reading materials. The screencast of what the professor was doing in showing students how easy it was to work with Apple’s Xcode software really made it easy to follow along and take away some of the fear of working with a programming interface.

Im thankful that Podcasting overwhelmingly attracts people who genuinely want to share their knowledge and are happy to answer questions. What the world has gained from the rise of podcasting is great as its not about someones ego or selling a viewpoint like we see on network news programs with talking heads screaming at each other or verbally scratching someones back for agreeing with the hosts opinion.