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While a great history lesson about how and when social web began, but I think it doesnt go far enough in detailing the possibilities and the aftershocks. Granted the video is from 2006, but one can imagine that some things were obviously coming down the pipe. We only have to look at the digitization of libraries around the world. All that static information is being made available to anyone who cares to view it. Never before in history has such a wealth of culture and knowledge been available to so many. In history the greatest loss to the progress of mankind was the destruction of the library at Alexandria, now millions of books will never meet that fate, and even more interesting is what is already happening to these books. New readers, people finding old favorites, developers finding new methods of interacting with the texts. For the first time in thousands of years the lines between media formats are blurring. Now when one reads a book there will be links built right into the text to songs, pictures, names, videos. I see the lines blurring so much that it wont matter how you comment on something, the technology will turn everything into video, audio, and text automatically. The original meaning and intention of a statement will last so much longer. It will help citizens hold their politicians accountable for their statements and promises. Lets face it the world needs more accountability. Of course there will also be a need to update the laws to protect the sanctity of data. Democracy cannot survive without a tight hold of the truth and the independence of data from politics and intrigue. No one person is so important that they should be able to dictate what is true and false. Hopefully this generation will be able to adapt to the consequences of this revolution and create a bright future.



Making this content searchable is going to do much for bringing people the information they are seeking. Its obvious that content on flash and AJAX sites should be indexed, some really great creative sites are done in flash and AJAX, but one would never know about the content that may be extremely well written and invaluable.