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Apple wants to hand internet control to private monopoly – Really trying our patents: Nero sues MPEG-LA for anti-trust | TechEye.

A follow up to my earlier post about Apples potential problems if they go after VP8 codec and Google


I can’t help but be concerned that Apple is setting itself up for some bad press akin to SCO attacking Linux. Apple has been championing open source and standards with HTML5 and attacking flash, but if they sue Google over vp8 video codec they will look like hypocrites who are only about their bottom line instead of truly caring about an open web. I sit in between Apple and Google. I love my MacBook, iPhone, AppleTV, but I use Gmail, picassa, and love to use Google’s Chrome browser. I would like to see the two companies compete peacefully and work together on other projects the way their engineers have been working on HTML5. I can kinda see how Jobs would be upset over Android, but this is America and it’s built on competition. Did Google overstep it’s trust with Apple with it’s executive on Apples board? Yes. But Americans want choices, if Android gives Apple the impetance to make iPhone better faster well I’m all for it. Cause as much as I love my iPhone I want more functionality from it and fast. I also want Googles goggles app on my phone. I’m hopeful that Apples purchase of Siri will improve iPhones functionality, but the iPhone is capable of so much more.