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Twitter so far

As you can see on my sidebar I have a running list of my tweets, I have had a twitter account for most of the summer now. So far I have only posted 102 times, but that doesnt really matter because Im enjoying the links that others post on their accounts. Its more fun to watch my Twitter program (Syrinx [Mac]) populate with links as compared to trying to watch a whole window of RSS feeds. I use Tweetdeck for my iPhone, since I dont like Adobe AIR applications. I follow the Google Blog, Developer Works, boxee, Electronista, net,tuts+, macdailynews, and a sling of friends and acquaintances, in all I have found it to be a useful tool and a fun way to find links.

Ive found it a useful way to keep in touch with friends instead of calling on the mobile or sending an SMS or email. Sometimes it takes a few days but usually the conversations are like a chess match by mail, the move doesnt have to happen immediately.


The most radical shift to media in recent years is that we now have a central real-time hub that serves to enhance every other content platform on the web. Sure, we could always use RSS for blogs, and sign up to follow a person’s activity on a video or photo sharing site, but used correctly, Twitternow provides a one-stop, real-time service for all of a person’s content. It allows us something that in the past only huge corporations could have: our own broadcasting network. If you’re on Twitter, and to a certain extent Facebook, you are in the broadcasting business.

via How Twitter is Changing the Face of Media.

Social Media seems to be having an interesting side effect of empowering the people who speak the truth about an idea or product. Its not so much about how much money you throw at something to get the word out. The customers have so much more power to approve or disapprove a product or service. Its more important for companies to maintain an aura of community interest with the consumer cause that is who is doing the most to sell great products. With bloggers able to be their own bosses and maintain a safe distance from corporate politics they dont have to compromise their values or reputation to sell something to keep a job. Now its merely having the street credit and some good writing skills to be respected and listened to that can sell or doom a product or service.


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