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“Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web. Ubiquity commands can do nearly anything. Ubiquity comes with a set of commands that make common Web tasks faster and easier. In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to use some of them. By the end of this tutorial you’ll be able to perform quick Wikipedia, Google, definition, and Yelp searches; add maps to your email; and translate a snippet of a web page, highlight a word, and then email it to a friend.”


A cheat sheet is a printable guide of a particular programming language, software or framework. A web designer spends most of his design time to move around different softwares environment and it becomes really hard to memorize the shortcuts and hot keys for each environment. Hence, cheat sheets provide great help for them. In this article, we present 34 essential cheat sheets for the most popular web based technologies.

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Since we first announced captions in Google Video and YouTube, weve introduced multiple caption tracks, improved search functionality and even automatic translation. Each of these features has had great personal significance to me, not only because I helped to design them, but also because Im deaf. Today, Im in Washington, D.C. to announce what I consider the most important and exciting milestone yet: machine-generated automatic captions.

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Google Experimental Search


I might recommend anyone who is a serious Google Search Addict try out these experiments which add to the functionality of your searches.

New Webmaster Tools from Google


Google has set up an automated service that as their webspider crawls the web any website with malware in the code will have an email sent to the webmaster with a snippet of the bad code so that the webmaster can remove the offending code.


Making this content searchable is going to do much for bringing people the information they are seeking. Its obvious that content on flash and AJAX sites should be indexed, some really great creative sites are done in flash and AJAX, but one would never know about the content that may be extremely well written and invaluable.