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Interesting political event. The idea that a state would give up licensing fees in order to stay out of social issues, specifically who can marry who and for what price…

To my knowledge, HB 569 is the first bill ever drafted and introduced in a legislature that would abolish government marriage licensing. The bill is the brainchild of libertarian Republican members of the New Hampshire state house. Currently, New Hampshire has same-sex marriage, but with the current Republican supermajority in both houses of the legislature, that policy is in serious jeopardy. The libertarian position on marriage is that it is a … Read More

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Apple wants to hand internet control to private monopoly – Really trying our patents: Nero sues MPEG-LA for anti-trust | TechEye.

A follow up to my earlier post about Apples potential problems if they go after VP8 codec and Google

I can’t help but be concerned that Apple is setting itself up for some bad press akin to SCO attacking Linux. Apple has been championing open source and standards with HTML5 and attacking flash, but if they sue Google over vp8 video codec they will look like hypocrites who are only about their bottom line instead of truly caring about an open web. I sit in between Apple and Google. I love my MacBook, iPhone, AppleTV, but I use Gmail, picassa, and love to use Google’s Chrome browser. I would like to see the two companies compete peacefully and work together on other projects the way their engineers have been working on HTML5. I can kinda see how Jobs would be upset over Android, but this is America and it’s built on competition. Did Google overstep it’s trust with Apple with it’s executive on Apples board? Yes. But Americans want choices, if Android gives Apple the impetance to make iPhone better faster well I’m all for it. Cause as much as I love my iPhone I want more functionality from it and fast. I also want Googles goggles app on my phone. I’m hopeful that Apples purchase of Siri will improve iPhones functionality, but the iPhone is capable of so much more.

WordPress iPhone App Gets Geotagging.

You cant enable this from the iPhone application but its easy to do in your profile settings.

Well this has been a learning experience. I had been wanting to play with WordPress locally cause I have realized its potential for allowing faster development of sites for clients. Right now Im developing an update for a Realtor’s website that was originally built with Microsoft Tools in the late 90s. Its been great using WordPress to add new pages quickly and drop in code. One of the pages had a Mortgage Calculator which obviously I had to replace the MS spagetti code so I found a great free code snippet and dropped it into the Mortgage page along with another snippet that displays the rates for the past two weeks.

Probably the most difficult thing has been trying to understand how to make changes to the .php pages and .CSS that  came with the theme I selected. I have it kind of figured out now and its getting easier. Its just a bit frustrating to be so easily overwhelmed by the shear amount of information one must wade through to learn how to do a seemingly simple task.

(More to come as the project progresses)

10+ useful code snippets to develop iPhone friendly websites.

Pendule – Google Chrome extension gallery.

Why Web Developers Should Switch to Google Chrome – Nettuts+.

This is a great research piece and explains a great deal about what Google engineers have done with WebKit. It also lists some cool developer tool plugins for Chrome that Im sure I can find a use for.

wordpress ecommerce plugin and framework.

Home of the famous WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

The free bolt on e-Commerce Plugin is WordPress framework designed to help you sell online. We make setting up shop incredibly easy. Plus we’ve had over 500,000 downloads!

CSS3 + Progressive Enhancement = Smart Design • Perishable Press.

2020 Vision: Why you wont recognize the Net in 10 years – Network World.

VideoPress is an upgrade that makes it easy to upload, embed, and share video on your WordPress blog or any site around the world, even in full HD.

via VideoPress — Quick and easy HD video sharing for WordPress.

YouTube – The Machine is Us/ing Us Final Version.

“We have to rethink Everything”

Google Releases API for Cool Visualization of Data Mashups from Many Sources.

This is extremely cool and it reminds me of stuff mentioned on Star Trek. The ability to manage datasets that are huge and apply them to easy to read graphs is a huge boon for research and understanding. Enabling researchers access to tools like this make their lives easier because they dont have to have computer science degrees to make use of data from censuses or anything else, they simply plug in the spreadsheet of the relevant data and viola they have usable data.

A Collection of HTML5 Resources and Tutorials : Speckyboy Design Magazine.

This page has great example videos that show the possibilities of HTML5. He also shows how the code looks and explains what functions are used for.

HTTP Headers for Dummies | EDESIGNERZ.NET | Http, Browser, Headers, Header, Request.

If you ever wanted to know how HTTP works and what all happens between your browser client and the server you are contacting this is the article to read. Its fairly straightforward, although a bit dry in the middle.

Dress Up Your WordPress Theme In Under 5 Minutes Using jQuery –

YouTube HTML5 Demo.

I’ve listed 50 iPhone apps for all you web designers and developers which covers everything from color scheme creators and font manuals to FTP and SSH clients. Also keep in mind there are many more of the same type of app.

via 50 Helpful iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers | EDESIGNERZ.NET | Price, Itunes, Download, Developer, Iphone.

Everyone has been going on about how we should use CSS3 more and all of the possibilities and flexibility that come with it, but that we should still consider IE6 and other troubling browsers.

via How To Support Internet Explorer and Still Be Cutting Edge – Smashing Magazine.